The Clarion House Way

A walk of 36 Km through East Lancashire's beautiful countryside visiting the Nelson ILP Clarion House and the former Clarion House at Colne and Clough Croft at Roggerham formerly used by Burnley ILP.
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6 November, 2017

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The Clarion House Way
an unofficial walk of approx 36 Kilometres
Devised by Gwyndon (John) Boardman

Map used in defining route:
Ordnance Survey South Pennines, OL21 1:25 000 scale.

Part 4

Colne Road, Burnley to Higham via the river Calder and Pendle Hall. This is a moderate walk of about 5 Kilometres – with a descent to the river Calder and an ascent to Higham.

Following the towpath you will pass a gas holder and a distance marker of 75 miles to Liverpool and pass under a railway bridge marked 132A.
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300 metres past the bridge look out for a short flight of stone steps leading down from the tow path towards a housing estate. There is a footpath sign at the bottom of the steps.

From the steps that descend from the canal turn right to walk downhill along Lower Manor Lane (housing estate).

Pass Lower Mead Drive on your right and at the bottom of Lower Manor Lane cross the road and take the path that runs between two houses (northwest).

The path is well defined and passes through Heald Wood.

You will hear the M65 before you see it!

Ignore the first path that joins to your right.

Ahead the path splits and reunites at a metal bridge, cross this bridge over Pendle Water (which joins the River Calder 1 kilometre downstream from this point).

Cross the bridge, through the kissing gate and down the flight of steps.

Follow the obvious path which continues on a metalled road passing a house named Riversmead. Ahead turn left (northwest) under the motorway and follow your nose to the Water Treatment Plant.

Pass the Water Treatment Plant and on reaching Wood End Farm take the farm road signposted to Moor Isles Farm, crossing a cattle grid.

After 200 metres turn left (west) at a waymarker on to a path that crosses a meadow to another waymarker, just ahead is a wooden footbridge with Pendle Way and Bronte Way Markers, this leads to a further wooden footbridge.

The path passes a pond to your left.

Cross over a stile by a stand of trees and follow the River Calder passing over a further wooden footbridge and stile until you reach a large wooden bridge which spans the river.

On reaching the bridge you will encounter a double stile, cross the first stile and turn back on yourself (right) and cross over the second stile finishing up on the opposite side of a wire fence.

You are now on the Pendle Way and heading northwest towards Higham.

The path ahead is waymarked with kissing gate access between the six fields that are crossed.

The final gate 1,200 metres from the river joins a farm lane. Continue on the farm lane which is metalled after a short distance.

On reaching a farm on your right, turn left through a stile and head northwest towards a church spire.

At the top of the field pass over a stile and down four steps onto the Padiham by-pass (take care).

Turn left (southwest) down the by-pass for 50 metres and at a 50 MPH sign cross the road with care and continue up some steps ahead of you.

Continue through a stile and emerge through the snicket in the wall ahead on to the main road through the village of Higham.

Across the road is the Village Hall.
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100 metres down the road (southwest) is the Four Alls Inn where food can be obtained (Telephone 01282 778063).

Weather on the Lancashire Moors can quickly deteriorate.
Please avoid the moorland sections when visibility is poor.

The only safe way to keep your feet dry on sections of this walk is by wearing a pair of waterproof boots.

Please follow the Countryside Code (HMG PDF 2.t MB) at all times..