The Clarion House Way
A walk of 36 Km through East Lancashire's beautiful countryside visiting the Nelson ILP Clarion House and the former Clarion House at Colne and Clough Croft at Roggerham formerly used by Burnley ILP.
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6 November, 2017

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The Clarion House Way
an unofficial walk of approx 36 Kilometres
Devised by Gwyndon (John) Boardman

Map used in defining route:
Ordnance Survey South Pennines, OL21 1:25 000 scale.

Part 5

Higham to the Nelson ILP Clarion House via Newchurch-in-Pendle. This is a moderate walk of about 5 Kilometres - mainly uphill.

The path is to the west of the Village Hall, head north, a small gate adjoining the church wall leads you on to the path which ascends the hill between gorse bushes.

The path swings northeast passing along the western edge of four fields that connect with kissing gates.

At the top of the final field go over the stone stile to the right of the gatepost.
Turn right onto a local road and at the next junction (50 metres) turn left (northwest) towards Sabden Fold.

Pass Croft Top Lane on your right and after 50 metres ascend the stone stile on your right, the path heads northeast.

Sabden Hall and Sabden Fold are 500 metres away across the valley, to your left as you follow the path above Higher Town farm. Image (25 KB)

The path gently descends to a wall which is followed to a wooden stile in an adjoining stone wall.

Over the stile a modern mill chimney at Spen Brook Mill comes into view with Blacko Tower directly above it on the horizon.

Newchurch–in-Pendle can be seen high up on the left hand side of the valley. This valley is sometimes referred to as The Hidden Valley presumably because it is not traversed by a major road.

As you walk to the end of this field an older stone built mill chimney comes into view at Spen Brook.

Pass over the stile in the wall corner and Tinedale Farm is ahead.

Pass the farm and immediately ahead is Tinedale Cottage, climb over the stile to your left and head down the lane.

The lane enters a sheepfold below Bull Hole.
Do not take the stile directly ahead, instead turn to your right at the corner of the sheepfold and pass over a stile in this corner.

Follow the path by the wall heading northeast through two further stiles to the buildings at Moss End.

As you pass the last building a grass path to your left takes you over a stile and through a gate onto an old grass covered lane which leads to a wooden stile to the left of a gate. Bear right and cross over the second stone stile. Image (59 KB)

Continue straight on (northeast) to a wooden stile that leads you onto the local road near to St Mary’s School.

Turn up the road (north) to the village centre passing the Old School House and St Mary’s Church (telephone box).

The Public House marked on the OS OL21 map is now a private residence and there are no other facilities for food or drink (but the Clarion House is nearby).

There are Public Toilets and the Witches Galore shop selling toys and memorabilia of the 'Pendle Witches'.

There have been many books written about the “Witches” including accounts and novels by Thomas Potts, Harrison Ainsworth and Robert Neil. It is more likely however that Kate Mulholland’s “Cry of Innocence” and Jonathan Lumby’s “The Lancashire Witch-Craze” offer a more balanced view, of the folk medicine, religious persecution and greed that led to the accusations of witchcraft.
Image of Pendle Hill (18 KB)

Continue up the Barley Road from Witches Galore and opposite a house named Forest Forge a path leads up the banking on the right hand side of the road to a stile.

Having crossed the stile follow the footpath that bears to the right (east) to a stile in the wall ahead.

Continue over the stile into the wood, keeping to the lower path to the right.
A pleasant but short walk through this wood ends at a stile.

Over the stile and bear left onto the path that passes close to the buildings at Barley Bank.
The path continues along the bottom of the wood to a stone stile.
Cross over the stile and keep to the top of the field.

Continue on the edge of the wood to a further stone stile.

From this stile Blacko Tower can be seen with the moors of Craven in the distance and Boulsworth Fell.

Follow the path running east towards Thorny Bank Farm.

Cross a further stile, the path is indistinct, but head downhill for the house which is to the right of the farm.
Soon you should be able to make out a stone stile in the wall ahead, head for this stile and cross into the next field.

Turn left (northeast) and head for the wooden stile at the field corner (follow the stream).

Through the stile and continue following the stream to the field corner, turn right, up the field and head for a green clad building.

Climb over the stile by this building and immediately turn left into the grounds of the Nelson ILP Land Society Clarion House.
Image of  Nelson ILP Clarion House (bottom right) and Newchurch (21 KB)

The Clarion is open on Sundays and some public holidays, further information can be obtained by navigating the main Clarion House web site

If you visit when we are closed please use the outside facilities.

If you are enjoying the walk and feel like making a donation to the renovation fund please post it through the letterbox

Weather on the Lancashire Moors can quickly deteriorate.
Please avoid the moorland sections when visibility is poor.

The only safe way to keep your feet dry on sections of this walk is by wearing a pair of waterproof boots.

Please follow the Countryside Code (HMG PDF 2.t MB) at all times.